For Immediate Release

Robeson County has been the focus of past voter irregularities for decades.  The Robeson County Republican Party has attempted to highlight systematic failures to end political corruption in our voting procedures in this part of the state.

These failures were dismissed by the State Board of Elections as recently as 2016 on a motion by Joshua Malcolm, the current State Board Chair who previously served on the Robeson County Board of Elections who is also aware of past irregularities in southeastern North Carolina.

The lack of transparency and failures extend over a decade involving multiple board of elections members, three governors administrations of both parties along with numerous agencies tasked with protecting our electoral process.  There is enough blame to go around.  It is time to work together for solutions.

The most recent allegations involving Mr. Harris are concerning and we look forward to an immediate and open response from his campaign.  We also implore the State Board to fairly address this pervasive problem in the southeast in an expedient manner.  We are supportive of the issue receiving the needed attention it deserves to restore confidence in our electoral system.

Phillip Stephens, Chairman

Robeson County Republican Party