NC 9th Congressional District Resolution


December 17, 2018
Contact: Jeff Hauser
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North Carolina Ninth Congressional District Republican Party Calls For Immediate Disclosure From NCSBE

Raleigh, NC — The North Carolina Ninth Congressional District Republican Party has released the following resolution:

WHEREAS: The people of North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District deserve to be represented when the 116th Congress is sworn in on January 3, 2019. Dr. Mark Harris is currently the leader in this race. Absent clear and convincing evidence presented in public by the State Board of Elections that any alleged voting irregularities changed the outcome of the race or there is a substantial likelihood it could have been changed, the law requires Dr. Harris to be certified as the winner.
WHEREAS: The glaring lack of transparency from authorities is extremely concerning to allinvolved. The State Board of Elections should hold a public hearing immediately and lay out the facts. If they can show with certainty that the outcome could not have been changed, they need to certify the race and continue to support all state and federal criminal investigations.
WHEREAS: If the State Board of Elections can show substantial likelihood the alleged voting irregularities could have changed the race, then we fully support a new election. However, the standard for a new election must be high. The 285,000 people who cast legitimate ballots and the more-than 750,000 people who will go unrepresented in Congress deserve to be heard.
WHEREAS: The North Carolina Republican Party and Ninth Congressional District Republican Party understand the issues in the Ninth Congressional District are complicated. We understand the investigation – which we fully support – may need more time, but it is unfair to the voters and Dr. Harris not to present significant public evidence for review before the new Congress convenes. A delay is acceptable in the resolution but only if substantial public evidence is presented immediately to justify it.
WHEREAS: The State Board of Elections needs to determine if the Bladen County Board of Elections did in fact leak early voting totals in violation of law and fundamental election fairness. If this happened, and the information was used in a way that resulted in a substantial likelihood of changing the outcome of the race, then a new election is likely required. The heavy hand of government should never interfere with the integrity of our electoral system.
WHEREAS: We Republicans in the Ninth Congressional District have no confidence in the Bladen County Board of Elections to conduct fair and transparent elections that follow and enforce all election laws. The non-partisan staff at the North Carolina Board of Elections should take over and maintain control of the Bladen County Board of Elections through calendar year 2020. Further, the State must pick up all expenses for any changes to election procedures up to and including any new elections. Our counties cannot and should not bear this expense.
WHEREAS: The Governor should establish a bipartisan task force to investigate the systematic failure of the state over the last decade to tackle voting issues in the region. This includes failures by prosecutors and election officials to hold people responsible for criminal behavior. All parties should be held accountable. We must come up with a bipartisan approach to tackle these problems across the state to restore confidence in our elections.
THEREFORE IT IS RESOLVED: The Board of Elections has failed to demonstrate in a timely manner the evidence regarding the allegations concerning the voting irregularities surrounding the Ninth Congressional District. The lack of transparency is concerning for the citizens of Bladen County, the Ninth Congressional District, and the State of North Carolina. The State Board of Elections should produce any evidence they have obtained that would provide proof the alleged voting irregularities would have changed the outcome of the race.
THEREFORE IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED: Dr. Mark Harris is Congressman-Elect for the Ninth Congressional District. If the State Board is unable to provide evidence the alleged voting irregularities would have changed the outcome of the race, they should immediately certify the results of the Ninth District Congressional contest.
Passed by unanimous decision by those present at the 9th District Executive Committee meeting on December 16, 2018.

John Steward   Susan Mills
Chairman   Vice Chairman
9th Congressional District   9th Congressional District 

This Resolution was received and endorsed by:

Robin Hayes   Michele Nix
Chairman   Vice Chairman
North Carolina Republican Party   North Carolina Republican Party

A PDF version of the Resolution is available here.
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