Robeson County Resolution: 9th District

Resolution of the Robeson County Republican Party

WHEREAS,  the Robeson County Board of Elections has certified the results of both the 2018 Primary & General Elections for the 9thCongressional District; and

WHEREAS, The North Carolina State Board of Elections has refused to certify the results for the 9thCongressional District; and

WHEREAS, every political race in both Bladen & Robeson Counties has been certified using the same ballots in question by the North Carolina State Board of Elections; and

WHEREAS, there has been no public evidence that enough ballots in question would alter the race and similar concerns were expeditiously dismissed by the State Board in 2016; and

WHEREAS, Robeson county will lack representation in the United States House of Representatives in the 116thCongress beginning January 3rd, 2019 as hearings have been delayed until after Congress is seated harming the citizens of our county; and

WHEREAS, no local protests have been filed in Robeson County by any candidate for the 9thCongressional District.

NOW THEREFORE, The Robeson County Republican Party by vote of the entire Executive Committee hereby adopt the following resolution:

RESOLVED, The Robeson County Republican Party hereby respectfully requests that the North Carolina State Board of Elections immediately certify the results of the 9thCongressional District just as every county board of elections within the 9thCongressional District has already certified the results.

Adopted this 16thday of December, 2018.


Phillip Stephens, Chairman                                                     Linda Metzger, 1stVice Chair

Bo Biggs, Treasurer                                                               Brenda Pope, Secretary

Burt Benson, Past Chair / Exec Committee                    Don Metzger, Past Chair / Exec Committee

Randy Hammonds, Exec Committee                                       Lee Grantham, Exec Committee

David Edge, County Commissioner / Exec Committee              Eric West, Exec Committee

Craymon Strickland, Exec Committee